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Conducting Home Inspections for Out-of-Town Clients: A Comprehensive Guide

A Peace of Home Inspections

In today's fast-paced real estate market, it's not uncommon for buyers to be out of town during critical stages of the home-buying process. As a home inspector, providing thorough and accessible services to these clients is crucial. Leveraging technology, particularly video calls, can make the inspection process seamless and transparent, ensuring clients feel informed and confident about their investment. We do that at A Peace of Home Inspections. We always set up a video call if needed.

Here’s how you can conduct effective home inspections for out-of-town clients.

Pre-Inspection Preparation

Initial Consultation

We start by scheduling a detailed consultation with your out-of-town clients to understand their specific concerns and expectations. This can be done via phone call, email, or video conference


  • Property Details: We gather information about the property, such as its age, size, and any known issues. This helps tailor the inspection to focus on areas that might need more attention.

  • Client Concerns: Ask clients about any particular concerns they have regarding the property. This ensures that their specific worries are addressed during the inspection.

Setting Expectations

It's crucial to set clear expectations about what the inspection will cover and the deliverables the clients will receive.

  • Inspection Contract: Clearly outlines the areas that will be inspected and any limitations. It must be signed before the inspection.

  • Deliverables: Inform the clients about what they will receive post-inspection, such as a detailed report, photos, and videos.

Conducting the Inspection

Leveraging Technology

Utilize advanced technology to provide a thorough inspection and ensure clients feel they are part of the process, even from a distance.

  • High-Resolution Photos: Take detailed photos of the entire property, highlighting both the strengths and any potential issues.

  • Video Documentation: Record comprehensive videos of critical areas, explaining your observations as you go along. This provides a virtual walkthrough experience for your clients.

Detailed Documentation

Ensure all findings are meticulously documented.

  • Lots of pictures will be taken throughout the home Inspection. Highlighted in the report will be things that need addressing and fixing. Some items will have recommendations on how to fix and their importance.

Video Call to Review Findings

A live video call at the end of the inspection is an excellent way to discuss and showcase your findings with out-of-town clients.

Scheduling the Call

  • At the end of the inspection: A call is usually at the end of the inspection This way the inspector is still in the house and can show his concerns to the client.


Conducting the Video Call

Overview of Findings

Start with a brief summary of the inspection process and the overall findings.

  • Key Issues: We highlight the most significant issues first to give clients a clear picture of the property’s condition.

Detailed Walkthrough

  • Live Show: If possible, we offer a live video walkthrough of the property, focusing on areas of concern.

Interactive Q&A

We encourage clients to ask questions and seek clarification.

  • Clarifications: Provide detailed answers and ensure clients understand each finding.

  • Recommendations: Offer advice on the next steps, such as necessary repairs or further evaluations by specialists.

Post-Inspection Follow-Up

We think maintaining open communication after the inspection is key to client satisfaction.

Deliver the Report

  • Comprehensive Report: Send a detailed inspection report, including photos and videos, to the clients on the same day as the inspection.

  • Call Summary: Include a summary of the video call, highlighting key points and next steps if necessary.

Ongoing Support

  • Availability: We let clients know that we are available anytime for any follow-up questions or further explanations.


Conducting home inspections for out-of-town clients requires meticulous planning, clear communication, and effective use of technology. By incorporating video calls to review and discuss findings, you can ensure that clients feel involved and informed, no matter where they are. This approach enhances client satisfaction.

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