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Tools to have around the house!

A Peace of Home Inspections Ltd.

Owning a home comes with a range of responsibilities, and having the right tools on hand is essential for maintenance, repairs, and general upkeep. Here's a comprehensive list of tools that every homeowner should consider having:

  1. Toolbox: A Portable Workshop

  • Invest in a sturdy toolbox to keep your tools organized and easily accessible.

  1. Hammer: The Classic Multi-Purpose Tool

  • Essential for driving nails, hanging pictures, and basic carpentry work.

  1. Screwdriver Set: Turning the Screws

  • Include both flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers in various sizes for different applications.

  1. Adjustable Wrench: Versatile Tightening

  • Perfect for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts, especially in plumbing tasks.

  1. Pliers: A Grasp on Many Tasks

  • Needle-nose and slip-joint pliers can handle various gripping and cutting tasks.

  1. Tape Measure: Measure Twice, Cut Once

  • Useful for measuring spaces, and furniture dimensions, and ensuring accuracy in DIY projects.

  1. Level: Keep Things Straight

  • Ensure your pictures, shelves, and furniture are level and properly aligned.

  1. Stud Finder: Navigating Walls

  • Helps locate solid wood framing behind drywall for secure hanging of heavy items.

  1. Utility Knife: Cut-Through Challenges

  • Handy for opening boxes, cutting materials, and a variety of household tasks.

  1. Flashlight: Illuminate the Dark Corners

  • A reliable flashlight is crucial for investigating dark spaces, especially during power outages.

  1. Cordless Drill: Power in Your Hands

  • Ideal for drilling holes, driving screws, and various DIY projects. Consider a versatile drill bit set.

  1. Crescent Wrench: A Just-Right Grip

  • Adjustable and versatile, it is great for a wide range of nuts and bolts.

  1. Hacksaw: Cut Through Tough Materials

  • Useful for cutting pipes, metal, or plastic materials.

  1. Plunger: Battle the Blockages

  • An essential tool for dealing with minor clogs in sinks and toilets.

  1. Step Ladder: Reach New Heights Safely

  • A sturdy step ladder is invaluable for changing light bulbs, accessing high shelves, and basic home maintenance.

  1. Gloves and Safety Glasses: Protect Yourself

  • Ensure you have the appropriate safety gear for tasks involving sharp objects, chemicals, or debris.

  1. Extension Cord: Power Where You Need It

  • Have a durable extension cord to reach areas without convenient electrical outlets.

  1. Duct Tape: Temporary Fixes

  • Useful for quick repairs, sealing, and bundling items together.

  1. WD-40 or Multi-Purpose Lubricant: Silence the Squeaks

  • A versatile lubricant for loosening rusted parts, silencing squeaky hinges, and preventing corrosion.

  1. Fire Extinguisher: Safety First

  • Keep a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible location, and ensure it's regularly checked and maintained.

  1. Bucket and Cleaning Supplies: Tidy Tools

  • A bucket with cleaning supplies, including a mop, sponges, and cleaning agents for regular upkeep.

These tools will empower you to tackle a wide range of home-related tasks, from minor repairs to more extensive DIY projects. Regular maintenance using the right tools can contribute to the longevity and overall well-being of your home.

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